Monday, June 5, 2017

Ash Ketchum From Pokemon

When Ash Ketchum was a young lad he went on a field trip but a couple of hours into the adventure it started to rain and he found himself separated from all the other kids. Unsuccessfully at locating his friends he creeps into a hollow tree nearby to wait for the heavy showers to end. As Ash sits there he sees a group of Pokémon looking for shelter, so he invites them into the tree so they all can stay warm and dry out together. At this very moment Ash decides he wants to become a Pokémon trainer and his ultimate goal is to become a Master one day. When he finally turned ten he dashed over to Professor oak’s Laboratory to fetch his very first Pokémon. He always wanted Squirtle, but he was late so he had to make do with Pikachu instead. He immediately set out upon his amazing, new adventures where he quickly hooks up with his childhood friends Brook, Misty, Nurse Joy, Jessie and Neesha.

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