Monday, June 5, 2017

Brock Pokemon Master

Brock is referred to one of the imposing Pokémon Breeders and former Gym Leader of Pewter City, but has now set his sight on becoming a Pokémon Doctor. Brock is definitely the most quick-witted and level-headed of all of his travel companions. He is also well known for falling head of over heels in love with every easy on the eye woman he meets, especially hot and sexy babes like Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. He is quite a song writer as well where he expresses his determination to find forever lasting love despite much heartbreak throughout his journeys.

He has even confessed to Ash and Misty that he much rather care for Pokémon than fight against them. Brock will without a doubt always reinforce and assists his friends, sometimes even against his common sense or at his own cost. He also takes supervision of all the cooking, cleaning and loves to groom not only his Pokémon but also the friends he happens to be traveling with.

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