Monday, June 5, 2017

Misty Pokemon Girl

Misty is often spoken off as the headstrong, corrupt tempered Tomboy by her charismatic and infuriating sisters Lily, Violet and Daisy which she is equally fed up with as well. Her ultimate daydream as a young child has always been to become the world’s best known Water Pokémon Trainer. The very first time she met Ash was when she unintentionally caught him and Pikachu in the river while fishing for water Pokémon.

And from that moment on her, Ash and Brock traveled around the Kanto region for weeks looking for daring adventures. There are a few things that Misty finds annoying though, especially when it comes to Ash constantly changes the subject about replacing her bike that he demolished when they first met. But what really bugs Misty is how Brock keeps falling in love with dreamboat babes over and over again and she continuously have to get his attention by pulling his ear.

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